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Advantages of having a Dog


·        Walking your dog on a daily basis improves your fitness levels.

·    There is a reason dogs have long been called a man's best friend. Their loyalty, intelligence, devotion and affection are incredibly rewarding. And of course for all the love you put in, a dog will give it back to you tenfold.

·        Patting a dog lowers your blood pressure, therefore lowering your chances of cardiovascular diseases.

·    Dog owners are generally happier than non pet owners. Having a dog around you helps during recovery from personal trauma, such as bereavement. It also helps to overcome depression.

·        Dog owners often recover faster from illnesses and have a higher survival rate after a heart attack.

·        Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional wellbeing thanks to the unconditional love they give us.

·       Dog-walking increases social interaction. Polls say that people tend to trust other people who walk along with their dogs as compared to people walking alone on the streets. Many people become friends with the fellow dog owners they regularly meet. This gives rise to a nice and comfortable social circle where you and your dogs are well accepted. People who do not own dogs, often strike up a conversation with you if they find your dog interesting.

·    Dog owners tend to get sick less frequently and less severely. Children who have dogs as pets have fewer sick days at school, and children who own pets often have better self esteem.

·     Above all, dogs are great fun. They can make you laugh, even if you've had a terrible day, and they're always there for a reassuring hug when you need it.

·        A dog tends to bring the entire family together. Caring for and doing things for the dog together many a times is a great time for bonding not just with the dog, but also with your family.

·    A Chinese study found that people who own dogs get better sleep at night. This is owing to the fact that they get a good amount of physical and mental activity during the day as compared to a non dog owner.

·       Dog’s are a reflection of the owner’s personality.

·       A dog is your best wing man. 

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