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Basic Dog Care - Training


A well behaved companion canine is a joy. But left untrained, your dog can cause a lot of trouble.

Make sure you personally teach your dog the basics — Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Heel & No.

This will improve your relationship with both your dog and your neighbors. If you have a puppy, start teaching him these commands as soon as possible!

Use only positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog. Do not use choke collars, sticks or any other brutal methods to train your dog.

Use little bits of food as a lure and reward.

Enroll yourself and your puppy in an obedience and behaviour training session once he is fully vaccinated and ready to be socialized. Ensure that you go for a course which trains you as well as your puppy. Remember always that a puppy or a dog’s obedience will only be as good as its master’s command.

You should always keep your puppy or dog on a leash in public. This will avoid unnecessary straying around and will also help your dog feel more secure and safe when on a walk in unfamiliar areas.

Socialize your puppy in a disciplined manner from the very beginning. Do not expect your dog to be social immediately if you introduce him to other dogs and people after he is an adult. This is a gradual process and takes time to accomplish. Socialising a puppy early on helps him become more stable and understand his surroundings better.

This often helps eliminate “Chase the mail man” syndrome and other such unnecessary characteristics.

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